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...David Beckhams Porsche 911 on EBay
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Diesel Fuel Pumps - Where to Buy for The Best Deals

Welcome to Diesel Pumps.

Welcome to our new site, here will will try and provide information on diesel pumps and provide you with places where you can buy or bid for a used, new or refurbished replacement diesel pump.

We will also be keeping the site up to date with news items, reviews and videos for your enjoyment. We will be adding more features to dieselpump.org so if you have any suggestions, or questions, then don't hesitate to contact us to let us know so that we can improve the site or further help you if possible.

If, however, you are here to find a diesel pump then start on the Diesel Fuel Pump Page.

UK Government Debates Rising Fuel Costs.

Possibly due to a recent petition, on the recent planned increase in fuel duty, by the RHA (Road Haulage Association) currently containing over 158,000 signatures the Government has the opportunity to debate the ever rising cost of fuel and what can be done about it.

The Chief Exec. of the R.H.A., Geoff Dunning said “The price of diesel, despite a temporary dip, is continuing its upward spiral”. Causing many transport firms to push up their prices in order to stay solvent. "For many haulage companies, the current situation is becoming untenable. A permanent solution to stabilise the price of fuel must be found," he added.

The Government debate is due to take place mid-June, let's hope, for the sake of our haulage industry and every car user, that something can be done to halt the increasingly un-sustainable rise in fuel costs. A message to the UK Government: Your Country Needs You..

You can help by signing the petition at: Fair Fuel UK Campaign.

David Becham's Porsche 911 Turbo on Ebay. 

If you've ever fancied buying an footballer and ex-England captain's motor then now maybe your chance. Amid a move back to sunny Blighty David has decided to stick his porsche convertible on Ebay, like you do. 

 Rumours say that there may even be a move, on loan, to Spurs on the cards for Beckham as he enjoys a break from his current team, LA Galaxy. This would obviously be great for the team and even better to see Beckham playing football back over this side of the pond. The man still has plenty of talent and plenty to give to the world of football.

The Porsche is already up to over $100,000 dollars so get bidding quick. Don't expect it to go for the book price either, his last car, a BMW M3, went for way over the normal price. But then you don't normally get a car that is supposed to have had at least $50,000 worth of customisation, mainly his LA Galaxy shirt number 23 on badges and embroidered onto the seats and with such a celebrity pedigree.

One careful owner, mostly used to run to the shops, David and Victoria have been spotted in the car many times out and about in LA, check out the item on ebay, click this link: David Beckhams Porsche on EBay

Rushden Powerfest.

The hottest weekend of the year turned into the hottest event  for Rushden.. Santa Pod laid on, what they calll, the Powerfest. A Festival of Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Monster Trucks, Dragsters, Bikes, Kit 'Cars', you name it, it was there.

To add to the days fun, including the dragsters revving up on the high street and demonstrating just how a simple internal combustion engine can assault the senses, there was an official burn-out strip along duck street.

I would estimate that half of Northampton turned up for the day and, if the weather was anything to go by, i don't think anybody was dissapointed. I have to say, other towns that I have lived in would never allow this sort of event quoting health and safety, blah blah. I congratulate whoever gave this the go-ahead as it was a fine day with no mishaps and even a little educational. If you are interested in the workings of an enviromentally friendly rocket car.

I could understand that some people would be concerned with the safety aspect. But, if you happened to get taken out by a stray muscle car back wheel or axle part, flying through the air. My best advice would be to not stand so close. Not that it happened, all of the drivers and owners clearly kept their vehicles in absolute mint condition.

Definite thrills and fun for the family, am sure Rushden's local economy had a great boost and plenty of people went home slightly deafer and mostly redder, thanks Rushden I am already looking forward to next year..

Canadian Diesel Spillage.

This weekend Surrey firefighters were called out to a diesel spillage in the Nicomekl River, Canada. The source is allegedly from a local industrial area and the Canadian Enivironment Ministry are said to be investigating.

The river has been dammed off at several points, using retentive palings (large sponges), in an attempt to halt the spillage, the rivers outlet is on the Cresent Beach in Surrey, a natural beauty spot and place of business for many tourist attractions.

It is currently reported that local wildlife has not yet been affected by the spillage but conservation officers are now on the scene investigating any problems. The river houses several salmon farms that may be effected by any contamination to their water supplies, further news is anticipated.

The drainage pipe that is said to be the source of the leakage now has tankers pumping away any fluid from the outlet, to then be taken away for safe disposal. All thanks go to the Surrey Fire Department for their quick response to this potential disaster.

May  Day Mayhem.

Or it could be if you decide to join the thousands already planning a boycott of the fuel pumps on May 1st in protest at the ever rising fuel prices. The avaerage cost per litre is now £1.20 and reportedly could be as high as £1.50 by the summer, though we have heard these tails of doom and gloom with fuel prices before.

A facebook campaign has been started and has over 20,000 fans and growing, head on over there and become a fan to join in. Alternatively, you could put up a maypole in your local garage forecourt and have a dance around it for the morning.

Both the AA and RHA (Road Haulage Association) think drivers need to take action and should send letters to their MPs. It now costs a staggering £83.98 on average to fill up a Ford Mondeo with fuel. Industries and families alike are being squeezed as the Government need more money and think they can get away with their continued fleecing of the motorist.

Let your wheels do the talking and drive away from the pump on May 1st, maybe hitting the fuel companies where it hurts might give them the incentive to put some pressure on our wayward government to start being fair to the hit upon motorist and haulier.

Mis-fuelling mishap.

Shoppers were left irate recently when a well known supermarket caused many of them to 'mis-fuel' their vehicles. According to the supermarkets spokesperson there was a mix up with the fuel when diesel was delivered to the un-leaded pump and vice-versa. The mistake was discovered half an hour after opening.

This left several customers with garage bills of up to £1,500. The store apologised to all effected customers, twenty in all, some who conked out miles away from the forecourt in Wantage, Oxfordshire. It promised to foot repairs to fuel pumps.

Fuel Prices Near to Record High.

Drivers are again facing the pinch as diesel prices reach near record levels since the one pence fuel duty rise just before Easter. The AA, in their ever optimistic ways, are predicitng a record of 120p per litre for petrol in the very near future. Fuel prices are already pushing their way up due to a weak pound, forcing prices up on imported fuel.

Our governement, bless them, have a three tier rise in fuel duty alongside the scrapping of a promised subsidy on bio-fuel production. As all fuel has an element of bio-fuel in it it is expected to inflate existing fuel costs by as much as 0.7p per litre. Though, it is said that duty on fuel is now only at 60%, whereas is 2000 it was closer to 73%.

Ford Transit with Duratorq TDCi

Ford's new diesel engine, the Duratorq TDCi, boosts efficiency and performance whilst still providing excellent towing and carrying capability. They offer an more powerful option if you want to carry greater loads, or just want a bit more umphh, in the hi-power, 5 cyclinder 3.2l Duratorq TDCi 200PS which delivers a stonking 470Nm of torque.

Different options of output are also readily available including, long range fuel tank, upgraded six speed transmission and front, rear or all wheel drive.

One particular feature we liked about this transit was the Shift Indicator Light (SIL), this is touted to save on emissions and increase fuel efficiency. The light illuminates briefly when it is the best time to change up. Sadly we could find no way of making this work as they do in F1 and light up for best performance, in fact the light doesn't show at all when it is being driven anything more than conservatively. As usual with transits, a good van, like they say, there's a transit for every job..

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Help..! I've just put petrol in my diesel car.
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David Beckhams Porsche 911 on EBay
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